Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, well, well...

...look what the cat drug in! Yes, I am talking about myself. I’m back, giving this blogging thing another shot. I really enjoy reading other’s blogs and feel like I should do my part to contribute to the blogging community.

This got spurred by a slow Friday at work…well it’s only slow bc I'm making it was slow, I have plenty to do. Anywho, I decided to pass the time reading ‘my old blog’ to see what I thought of what I wrote way back when. And guess what, I cracked myself up a couple of times. I was surprised that there was a story or two that I had def not totally remembered. That alone is reason enough for me to take another stab at tracking things on at least a weekly basis.

I already have an editorial calendar tracked out of at least five posts to get to! Looks like my PR agency experience is really paying off. Here’s a quick recap and maybe closure on a few things where I left off:

Tennis – I played up through December of 2010 and am on a 12 week hiatus while I pursue a new athletic endeavor called hell circuit training…at 5:30…in the A-dot-M-dot.
Dating – More details in a future post, but for now suffice to say I am no longer playing the field!
Bouquet Tosses – Still so yuck to me.
Biological Clock – I think I have hit the snooze button, I’m def not as freaked as I was for a month back in December 2009, or whenever that post was.

Just to try to hook ya, my upcoming posts will involve a bamboo table, compromising positions, a sewing machine, a boy called Zach and my apartment. They’re not as wild as they may sound all together, in fact I don’t think any of those subjects even overlap in their respective posts…sorry to disappoint. But, let’s get back to looking at the bright side…I’m back baby!

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Beth said...

Hey Kori! I think you owe the world some blogging updates that you promised!