Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, well, well...

...look what the cat drug in! Yes, I am talking about myself. I’m back, giving this blogging thing another shot. I really enjoy reading other’s blogs and feel like I should do my part to contribute to the blogging community.

This got spurred by a slow Friday at work…well it’s only slow bc I'm making it was slow, I have plenty to do. Anywho, I decided to pass the time reading ‘my old blog’ to see what I thought of what I wrote way back when. And guess what, I cracked myself up a couple of times. I was surprised that there was a story or two that I had def not totally remembered. That alone is reason enough for me to take another stab at tracking things on at least a weekly basis.

I already have an editorial calendar tracked out of at least five posts to get to! Looks like my PR agency experience is really paying off. Here’s a quick recap and maybe closure on a few things where I left off:

Tennis – I played up through December of 2010 and am on a 12 week hiatus while I pursue a new athletic endeavor called hell circuit training…at 5:30…in the A-dot-M-dot.
Dating – More details in a future post, but for now suffice to say I am no longer playing the field!
Bouquet Tosses – Still so yuck to me.
Biological Clock – I think I have hit the snooze button, I’m def not as freaked as I was for a month back in December 2009, or whenever that post was.

Just to try to hook ya, my upcoming posts will involve a bamboo table, compromising positions, a sewing machine, a boy called Zach and my apartment. They’re not as wild as they may sound all together, in fact I don’t think any of those subjects even overlap in their respective posts…sorry to disappoint. But, let’s get back to looking at the bright side…I’m back baby!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks Mom!

Here is a text convo I had with my Mom from the grocery store about an hour ago,

K: Where are the bread crumbs?? Not in baking, rice, pasta or BREAD aisles??

K: You and Kaylee aren't texting me back bc yall don't love me!

M: On the path of Hansel & Gretel?

K: Found them back on my original aisle of baked goods, the new West U HEB has only 2 options of everything so if you glance over two tiny bread crumb canisters on the bottom shelf you're screwed

M: in the big city sucks. Maybe one day you can join us back out here in the burbs where breadcrumbs are plentiful and easy to to find.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We're Just Not That Into You...

Well I know it’s been a while. I have had several transitions in my life since I started this blog about a year ago and I never made a point to adjust making time for this thing. Maybe this will be a start to a renewed dedication to the blog...maybe not. I am not going to try to update the last few months of my life, let’s just pick up from here.

It’s a new year, 2010, we’re only 52 years away from catching up to the Jetson’s! I didn’t make a new year’s resolution, but I have recommitted myself to getting/staying in shape, blah, blah, blah. I was doing pretty well there for a while but I took a major hiatus from Thanksgiving until yesterday. But, I’m back. Worked out last night and it felt great, looking forward to it again tonight. I want to turn 30 and be comfortable in a bikini again. Vain yes, do I care, not at all!

I am also drudging up my very short lived resolution from 2008, to take matters of the heart with the opposite sex a wee bit more seriously. It is not really a New Year’s Resolution, more just something I have slowly been warming up to and the timing conveniently and coincidentally coincides with the new year. **TMI Warning** This was all spurred last fall when I had a panic attack about my eggs drying up, I called my sister at nursing school, she calmed me down by way of a biology lesson, but it has been haunting me a bit. And, apparently getting what I want from these eggs is a whole lot easier, in many aspects, if I meet a nice fellow to share the experience with. I am of course interested in the companionship side of it all as well, I am just speaking of the babies because that is what most recently put me into a panic.

I did date more in 2009 than 2008, in ‘08 I was recovering from an LTR (long term relationship, mom) that involved a complex triangle of living in Colorado, but us each having our own lives lingering in our hometowns of Houston and New Orleans. There was also a dog and a shared dwelling in the mix. Anyways, back to 2009 dating, I kept most of it off the blog because I wasn’t, and am still not, quite sure who reads this. But, towards the end of the year my friend Christina and I got into a convo about all these funny encounters we had recently had with guys and conversations we overheard ourselves having. We decided to start a little “101 Reasons’ We Just Weren’t Into You” list. We don’t have a full list yet, but we’re well on our way. We take a bit of blame for the irrational reasoning for some of them. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite, Reasons We Just Weren’t That Into You…

1. Your personal voicemail was too loud. No need to scream at people because YOU’RE UNAVAILABLE!

2. I am all about ambition and drive in a man, but do you really need your face on the side of a bus to let people know you’re a big shot? Insurance agents are just not for me.

4. You’re a cute guy, Dan Smith, but you’ve got to be a little more exciting with a name like that.

5. Christina: How did it go?
Kori: His dog had no personality
Christina: Oh so now not only the guy has to be great, but his dog has to be charismatic too?!

6. I can handle an S-e-a-n, but I just can’t stand the S-h-a-w-n spelling.

9. You used three different emoticons in one text message.

12. You IM me within 2 minutes of me signing online…Every. Time.

13. One word: Waterbed

17. Your mother facebooked me.

18. Your mother facebooked me and used the word ‘grandchildren’ within the first two sentences.

20. Multiple cuss words in a text messages is unattractive, despite the bourbon I was drinking when we met, I am still a lady!

23. You’re divorced? Oh, so separated? Well do you live in the same house? These are not gray area questions. If you can not clearly answer these you are married my friend!

24. American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister and Aeropostal are targeted at persons aged 17 and younger. If you are wearing such logo emblazed attire I will assume you are illegal and keep looking.

25. Thank you for walking me to the door, but you need to leave now. Lingering on my front door step for an hour and a half after I have gone inside is not romantic and actually led to my roommate asking if you were on any special medications or if we should just go ahead and call the cops.

29. You wanted me to be Ann Coulter and accused me of being not ‘Republican’ enough for you!?

30. You wore Versace on our first date, my top was from the Gap. It was so symbolic for the rest of the date.

Our list is at #35 right now, but there is little something on the horizon that may accelerate the growth of this list. More on that soon….

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Post (HA! Delayed Summer Wrap Up)

**I wrote this post at least 2 weeks ago** Updates will be in italics as seen here! I updated the draft about 2 weeks ago, so even more recent updates (9/28/09) will be seen in bold as seen here!

On the running front I am doing day one of week 6 tonight. I am glad that I am finally at the point where I just get to run through the whole thing. I felt dumb stopping to walk building up to this point, but I also credit the lack of pain or injuries to that. So, basically from here on out I run for 20 minutes slowly adding 2 minutes each night...with a little bit of walking every here and there. As for losing weight I have yet to see it. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks. I am going with a different method this time. Instead of weighing myself every morning and wigging out about every little flux, I am just going to wait till I can see and feel a difference then hopefully be blown away by some awesome number on the scale. **I got sick Thursday so I still have day 3 of week 6 to do, should knock that out tomorrow night. I am hoping the lack of nutrition whilst sick will make up for the lack of running for 5 days. I did weigh myself out of boredom and cabin fever, the results are not yet blogworthy. But it's GOT to be riiiight around the corner!** Well that update was about 2 weeks ago and I HAVE STILL NO LOST A SINLGE PIDDLEY POUND! I understand that I am gaining muscle and/or my body is going into survival mode because I am making it run through the wilderness of Champion Forest every evening, but Lordy be can't you throw me a 5lb drop! I still have 10 lbs to get to my goal weight. I think that now that I am doing 'real' 30 minute runs something has to happen. I think I can see a slight difference in the mirror, and I def can feel my clothes fitting loosely, so those are good signs.

I have more to tell you about the running program I am finishing up and how I have done it and what I think about it, but I'll save that for my next know around Thanksgiving or so.

As for tennis, it is going well! Lessons were rained out a couple of weeks in a row which was annoying, but we're back in the game and as of last week we were doing official advanced beginner drills. Woohoo! Advanced beginner is one step closer to intermediate, which is also one step closer to a cute new tennis skirt. **Lessons were rained out again last Wednesday and this week I have free tickets to Britney Spears. I did go practice the other day and was satisfied with my overall performance. I have also kept an eye on the US Open, so that helps right?** Last week was my first lesson back after missing 3 weeks due to weather and Brit Brit. It was very, very bad. I have to be better this week :(

Another summer happening for me has been Book Club. We talked about putting one together and we have a good little group going and we're already on book #4. Here is my opinion of them,

June, Eva's pick, The Maltese Falcon: I didn't read the book. I lied at the very first book club. I think most of the girl's read this and now the secret is out! BUT, I also know at least one other girl there did not read it. I am not calling anyone out, I'm just saying. I even tried to watch the movie but never even made time for that. Kind of pathetic really! **same** same

July, Allison's pick, Buffalo Lockjaw: Thumbs up, the storyline of this book was very sad but I found the book very humorous and really enjoyed it. When I compare it to some of my other favorites I do notice a pattern in enjoying books with a dark humor. **same** same

August, Beth's pick, Time Traveller's Wife: I was not excited at all about reading this book. I thought it was going to be cheesy to read because the movie was coming out. Well, I was wrong. I loved the book, couldn't wait to see the movie. Liked the movie alot, but the book more. I had seen the previews and hated the concept but once I was involved in it I loved it. It was also interesting starting a book after seeing the previews because the trailer provided me with the faces of the characters before I could develop them myself. Luckily I love both of the actors so that worked out just fine.**same* same, and I kind of miss Clare and Henry

September, Kori's pick, The Middle Place: I just bought it at Target a couple of hours ago. I should be cracking it open instead of blogging. I'll let yall know how it is...**I just spent 5 hours reading it front to cover. Not because it was such a good read, but bc we have book club on Thursday, and I have Brit Brit on Weds and well I had to finish it today. Other than that it was very good. It was recommended to me with a certain description that didn't marry up to what I got out of the book, but overall I would recommend it as a decent read** same

October, Audra's pick, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: I have to get it tomorrow during lunch, and I plan to read it during my flights this weekend...

Oh and my new job. I haven't really touched on that here. So as everyone reading this knows, I have been job hunting since Feb there were a couple of things that came up but ultimately did not pan out. It was really exhausting. Well eventually the stars aligned and I got the job. The job update will also be in the Thanksgiving post!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boring Running Update

I have completed 9 of 27 and/or 6 of 24 workouts. So I am both 33% and 25% through the workout.

I finished week 3 tonight. I haven't decided if I am going to repeat week three for a fourth day or go on to week 4 as scheduled. I feel ok about week 3, but just reading week 4 makes me feel like death could be a very likely result of the workout. I really need new running shoes and that ipod shuffle that I left on an airplane last year. I also think I need an ear bud custom fitted for my right ear. I have tried out 3 different sets of ear buds and the lefties are all perfect fits but the righties just won't comfortably stay put.

I have yet to announce to you all that I got a new job! Although since I know who each of my 6 readers are I feel like by now you all know. I will update more about it soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Lame title, I know. Did you know to read it in Forrest Gump-speak?

Well I started running and it has been suggested more than once that I use the blog as a form of accountability. So let's hope this doesn't lead to me telling guilt based big fat lies about my athletic endeavors!

Anywho I am doing the Couch to 5K (C25K) program. I have done it before and it worked well but I got a little distracted after a month. When you read the program you think, "90 second intervals, big woop." Well it is a big woop for me!!! This time around I skipped week one and I feel good so far, so I think that was an ok call on my part. It is a 9 week program with 3 workouts a week. It says not to do them on consecutive days, but since I'm off work I am using this week as a little kick start and my body is just going to have to deal!

I figure there are 2 ways to measure this, I have either completed 5/27 workouts OR 2/24 workouts. I know I technically have not done 5 workouts, but I feel like it wouldn't be completely unfair to still get credit for being able to bypass week 1, right?? I mean if it makes me feel better and keeps me motivated, what's the harm? So, I have completed both 18.5% of the program AND 12.5% of the program....but NOT 31% of the program. You follow?

Maybe I should wait till my brain comes down from the workout to rationalize all of this! Oh, and I have zero plans to run a 5K, I just want to weigh 1xx pounds and/or wear a size y.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Happenings

So obviously I have neglected the blog. Let’s move on.

This summer is already half way over! I’d say I’m sad but after a month of 100+ temps and zero rain I am kind of looking forward to the Houston "winter."

So I have picked up a new little past time since my last update. I had been thinking about taking tennis lessons for a while and I finally got a couple of girls on board to take them with me. So for the last nearly two months I have been taking lessons o Weds night and practicing 1 other night each week. I don’t know if I would recommend picking up a sport like this in the heat of summer, but I figure it will just make it that much more nice in a couple of months.

As far as my skill level, well let me fill you in on where we were starting from. At our first lesson Amanda, Jimilee (JL) and I walked on to the court, our coach, Gary, said hello and inspected our racquets. To Amanda – “looks good”, to Kori – “umm, is this a junior racquet?”, to JL – “whoa, whoa, whoa lets just put that down right now. That is what we call an antique; you would hang something like this on the wall. Here now use my spare.” All of this said with his adorable little St. Lucian accent. Once we were through cracking up about our racquet issues he asked us about our skill level. Amanda – Level 0, Kori – Level 0, JL – Level 0. At this point he turned to the two men that had been in his beginner’s class for a couple of months and said “Congratulations guys, you have just been promoted to intermediate. Please move over to court #2.” Note: We had not even swung at a ball and it was that obvious that we would be needing some special attention!

I think we have all greatly improved since then. JL got a new racquet, I am picking up my new one tomorrow. (He said mine was ok to use for a little while.) We recently picked up a co-worker's wife so there are now 4 of us in the class. Before we had the solid fourth in our class, we noticed each week we seem to have a new straggler and then they never return...I can't imagine why not!?!? First there was a young Asian guy with his Dad there. He didn’t play, they just observed the lesson for about 10 minutes and then disappeared. Hmmm. The next week we had Badminton Theo. He was pretty young too, maybe about 18, and he had a badminton background and braces. Badminton Theo and I were paired up and I was very envious of his gracefulness going after the ball, pointing his back toe as he lunged and swinging…that is until I heard Coach Gary’s comments of “Ohhhh, there’s that badminton background.” The last straggler we had was a young woman from Bermuda, Tiffany, she and I were paired up as well. We were buds by the end of the lesson, to the point where I could call her Tiff. She was going back to Bermuda for a few months and then moving here to be with her bf/finace in early 2010. Hopefully we'll see her again...actually hopefully not, I don't think I'll keep paying if I'm still a beginner after 7-9 months!

Note that I was always the one paired up with the stragglers! Amanda and JL decided at Lesson 1 that anytime Coach Gary said "Let's partner up," they would run and grab each other like little girls claiming a hopscotch court, silently making the point that they thought I was a bad tosser (it's part of a drill we do, don't ask). BUT, I have a feeling those thoughts are a changin' as I have been approached a party of that pairing about changing some things up a bit. Mmmm-hmm! I would also like to note that despite my merry-go-round of partners I was the first to get 3 out 3 on our front, front, back drill and then again on the back, back, front! BOO-YA!!!

So that is tennis so far. Oh, I have not yet bought a skirt, I am saving that as a reward for getting promoted to intermediate. At this rate I'll probably be getting something from the Adidas' 2012 collection!

Other summer happenin', I joined a book club and had a birthday but I'll save that for another, very soon to come, entry! Thanks for your patience :)